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Why Is All I Ask

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

This poem is an ode to my dear one whom I wish to be inspired by this poem so that I can get my inspiration in return from that person.


There is so much that I want to ask and convey.

But I shirk to put my concerns into words and say,

Doubting, if we still have the same bond when we couldn’t live apart,

When you were at ease to open the gates and pour your thoughts.

I rewind the clock to feel the liberating and grooving spirit, but alas!

Why I ask in my thoughts, is there sadness in your heart?

Fate kept us apart when we should have lived as a family.

I feel for the time we have missed, to spend in each other’s company,

That might be a reason for us being distant in thoughts and actions.

But one deed that makes us so close is our love & affection,

The undying fondness, yearning, and care that leads to our connection.

Yet, why I ask in my thoughts, there is between us a hesitation?

You are the first and the foremost among our clan,

Who dreamed so big and showed us that yes we all can,

Achieve what we desire by being determined and sticking to the plan,

You won all the hardships with your brain as a sole weapon,

That chiselled you to be a preacher of life’s valuable lessons.

Then, why is all I ask, you ignore to see in you such positive progression?

Through this poem, I pay you my ardent adoration,

To make you realize how high, for you, is my admiration.

You are not only my dear little one but my life’s inspiration,

Just thought of your struggle is enough to put me into action,

And to toil and tumble, then rise and grow until I have won it all,

That is why I love to have with you a long motivational talk.

By Aditi Mahajan

Content writer, poetess, and blogger

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