• Aditi

A dream

She bloomed from a bud as pretty as a rose,

My precious little gift that upon me has been bestowed

So eager to grow and so curious to explore

Advancing to accomplish every milestone before it unfolds

Soon shaping up to be someone she is destined, a story untold

Since her birth I got the vibes that she was not an ordinary

As she transformed from a little baby to princess fairy

She amazed me with her inherent talents and ability

Seeing the world with an eye so prudent and wise

She had the mind of her own which could think and analyse

Determined to excel in all the spheres of life

She kept up her perseverance and will without a strife

To deliver the best no matter how hard it could be

She gave up all the pleasures to focus on her goals

To prove that if one is driven, one would win of course

As she ages beautifully into a damsel so elegant and bright

All that she can achieve with her endeavour, I fancy and fantasize

She grooms herself to outshine the world so harsh and brutal

To change the course of adversities into prosperity so blissful

And move heaven and earth to rise and become successful

It’s a dream that every mother cherishes in her heart

And would happily sacrifice all to not let her fantasy fall apart

To nurture her daughter to be strong enough and fight all odds

Help her carve her way to fame and shine up as high as a star

Oh! this dream would become a reality, the time is not so far

Aditi Mahajan

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