Is Mid-Life A Crisis Or A Bliss?

Is it true that once you reach the age of 40, you feel that you are entering the next phase of your life that is going to take you closer to the older and greyer version of you, the version you sometimes visualize but not yet ready to accept? You do not want your younger self to leave you but there is nothing you can do to keep clinging to it, and time, the unstoppable wicked monster, snatches the youth from you and slowly pulls you towards the phase of life where you would feel a loss of enthusiasm, energy, vitality, and strength. You realize that you have begun the journey towards the downward curve of your life leading to sickness, disease, dependency, and unproductivity. You shudder at the thought of it and enter into the cycle of mid-life crisis.

Are You Going Through A Mid Life Crisis?

A mid-life crisis is that stage of your life where you realize that you do not fit into the young man’s world, full of opportunities, dreams, energy, ambitions, and drive, or the life of an old person which is slow-paced, sluggish, peaceful with no desire to achieve more but to reap the benefits of their accomplishments and relax.

Now that I have made all, who are in the 30s or 40s and reading this write up, panic and feel miserable, let me tell you this is what the society perceives it like and we listen and see others talk about it and presume that this is how our 40s and 50s would be like.

All this is a perception. You and only you are the commander of your ship of life and which way you steer it depends upon you.

I being a middle-aged woman sometimes think if I am too going through a midlife crisis? If I analyze my life, then I consider myself as a woman who has a lot on my plate. I have teenage kids, who care more about their gadgets than humans around them, my husband, who thinks I have started to complain and whine on petty issues, a career that demands a lot of time, and finally me who wants to live a life focusing on myself.


For many, it is the stage when they reach this age crossroads where they feel depressed and low in self-confidence. But should we have such a negative approach to middle age?

Add A Silver Lining To Your Mid Life Stage

I have started living life for myself in my 40s.In my 20s, the main focus was on education and career. The 30s was the time to get married and have a family. The 40s is the time when I feel all the major tasks one is supposed to do in life are over and now is the time to sit back a little and enjoy your life and come out of the hustle and bustle of life.

At this age, I look life from a very different perspective. I am not scared of voicing my opinions. I do not change the way I work to make others happy. I do not feel the pressure of being included in everything going around me. I do not mind people judging and forming opinions about me. All this because I am now in my mid-life boon rather than a mid-life crisis.

As I am living in my 40s, life has been more settled for me, kids are grown and do not need hand-holding, debts are paid off and there is financial stability in life. Now I have time for myself and to do all the things that I have been passionate about but could but pursue due to lack of time. Because I take life a little easy now, I have got the time to rediscover and recognize the real me.

I started writing in my 40s and developed my website to voice my thoughts and share my experiences. I started afresh in my career and shifted my career line from Human resources to Marketing. I am learning and developing new skills both soft and technical. I have started going to the gym. Weekends are for family and friends. Because I can do all that I always wanted to do, I feel at peace with myself. All seems to be more organized and in place for the first time. I consider it bliss rather than a crisis.



How To Get The Most Out Of Your Midlife


1. Accept the reality

Everyone who is born has to age with time. You have to be ready to accept yourself as grown up with white hair, bifocal vision, drooping skin, body ailments, diminishing hormones, but at the same time, with more wisdom and experience, a settled life, and a career.

2. Rediscover yourself

Visualize how and what you want to do in your life that would give a purpose and meaning to your life, that would make you feel accomplished and happy. Develop a hobby, join activities you always wanted to be part of or just relax and enjoy. Do whatever rejuvenates you rather suck out your energy and desire.

3. Put yourself at the top

Make yourself a priority. Your passions and ambitions are important and do not feel guilty about putting them first. On the contrary, if you can live a life you longed for, you would feel happy internally and that would increase your productivity and quality of your life.

4. Communicate with others

Reading, sharing, and listening to the experiences of others in your age group can help you stay positive and inspired. Other people’s tips and experiences can help you to cope up with your mid-life crisis.

According to Novelist George Eliot, “It is never too late to be what you might have been.” The midlife period is the best time to do a 360 degrees life evaluation and to transform yourself into a better version of yourself.  

By Aditi Mahajan

Content writer, Poetess & a Blogger

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