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The following three A’s describe and summarize me as a person with ;

Abundance of -optimism, enthusiasm, dedication and originality

Admiration for- progression, determination, commitment and independence

Ability to - express, compose, inspire and accomplish /foresee.

I am a freelance content writer, blogger and a poetess with masters in business administration, bachelors in Law and Commerce.


My greatest passion is to express and  share my views in writing,  with all of you as I believe that words are the most powerful weapon that can make or break, encourage or discourage, ignite or extinguish one’s thoughts, actions relations and beliefs.

My ambition is to connect with the world through my articles and poetry and share my experiences and insights as an ordinary person, who like many of you, is facing challenges, gaining new experiences & progressing ahead in life every day to lead a more meaning life.

Aditi Mahajan

Content writer, Poetess & Blogger


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