Boost Your Happiness Quotient

Boost Your Happiness Quotient

Most of us face the dilemma of whether to please ourselves or please to others. Our heart, of course, wants to do what pleases us but our logical thinking mind wants us to put our duty towards foremost. Like you want to sleep an extra hour in the morning but you wake up on time to make breakfast for your family or you want to go out for a walk but cannot as some new work has come up that needs to be finished. whether to think about ourselves or think about others first. So in finding an answer to the question of whether to put self before duty or vice versa and eventually doing the right thing, we tend to neglect ourselves and give priority to others. But it is important to understand that we get to live each minute, each hour and each day of our life only once. Consider these essentials of living a happy life without the feeling of guilt.

A Guide To Living A Happy And Contented Life


1. Our values

Each one of us has a conscious with our unique set of core values which define us, which we associate ourselves with for e.g., most of us consider it important to be honest, law abiding, keeping our promise, helping others, etc. Not following our core values, would give us a feeling of guilt rather than happiness. Therefore it is important to follow these core values even when we want to live life on our terms.


2. Our aim 

A life without an aim is one without a direction. It is important to have an aim in life. Aim to educate yourself, learn a new skill or sport, get a particular job, even to lose weight, to make new friends or whatever we dream of or anything we desire to do is our main aim. The life we live and whatever we do should help us in achieving that aim because that is what would give us the feeling of self-accomplishment and make us happy.  


3. Our desires

Apart from us having an ambition, we all have our needs and desires we long for to be fulfilled. These needs pull us towards them until we have satiated the desire of acquiring or fulfilling them. They have a short life but their fulfillment makes us happy. Sometimes we need to satisfy these desires and pamper ourselves to make us feel special and happy. But these desires need to be reasonable and achievable for us otherwise they might build up the feeling of discontent in us e.g. Desire of buying an expensive iphone that our friend has even though we cannot afford it.


4. Our approach

We need to keep a positive approach towards life, in general, to be happy. Try to look at the brighter and bigger things in life and not petty instances. Life is a mix of good and bad. We need to build our lives around positive things and cut out the negativity and depressing thoughts to live a healthy and happy life.



5. Our Judgement

We should try to rely on our perception and judgement of things to be happy. It is not bad to take opinion from the people you trust. We must analyse and evaluate what others suggest but act according to our own mind and judgement. That way we might commit mistakes now but learn to make mature and wise decisions later on and do not need to depend on other's advice.



6. Our time  

Most of us have very demanding careers and jobs along with family and kids to take care of. It leaves us with no energy to give time to our own care, our interests, our hobbies. In the long run that reduces our happiness quotient and we do not get time to relax and rejuvenate ourselves. So it is important to set time apart for ourselves to do what we enjoy doing to be happy.


7. Our imperfections

Each human being has its own set of perfections and imperfections. We need to focus on our assets and strong points rather than longing for the ones we do not or cannot have. That would inculcate a feeling of being inferior in us and make us succumb to the worldly pressures and feel depressed. So to raise our happiness quotient we need to learn to accept our imperfections and portray our strong side.



8. Our people bonding  

We all need to build new relations and care for the ones that give us our identity, make us feel wanted, loved and complete. Such relations act as our damage control shockers and energy boosters. We must value and respect them at all times. Having reliable and dependable relations in our life would boost our happiness level to great extent.


9. Our emotions

Our emotions play a very vital part in boosting our happiness quotient. To be happy, we need to learn to control our emotions and not let ourselves display our emotional extremes of anger, sadness, depression or joy. Extreme display of emotions tends to make us vulnerable. We need to keep a balanced approach while handling our emotions and not overreact.

By Aditi Mahajan

Content writer, poetess and  blogger

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