• Aditi

A Mother's Daily Orbit

The moment the doorbell rings, one can hear the snap and a retort

One barging inside in a bad mood and the other giving a logic so crude

Farewell my peace of mind and tranquillity

I had rejoiced and wallowed in to eternity

Now comes the turn to metamorphose into a referee and a coach

And to resolve the issues so trivial but full of reproach

As to them it’s the matter that upholds their self respect and esteem

So I dare not try to shove off the matter how small it may seem

I try not to tense up and calm down the situation

And strike a pleasant yet a distracting conversation

But alas! So quickly all my efforts go in vain

As here comes the another episode of the blame game

But considering myself to be a parent so responsible

I calm my nerves and make myself sternly audible

And try to get them off the gadgets, a task impossible

That I just want to escape from this situation so unenviable

Now comes the time to make them read and learn

And starts the series of excuses to get away without concern

Finally, we make progress in doing some addition and multiplication

There comes dad and again goes all the focus and concentration

I too by now give up and long for quiet moments under the bright sun

Where its only me, gentle breeze, soothing music and my run

I try to relax, chat, laugh and have some fun

Till the time I regain all my soundness and strength by tons

As I am all charged up to go back to my loved ones

I wish they too could breathe new life into their monotonous affair

So that we all can live as a perfect family without any despair

And start another day with all hope and love that we inevitably share

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