• Aditi

Living by your values

In all of us these lie inside so still

Yes, these are the values and virtues that our society instils

We adhere to them for our strength and vitality

Without even realizing they form core of our personality

Values appear in the silence when our speech would hurt

Politeness when our family and friends are curt

They appear in respect that we show

Sympathy and support when others are in woe

Values are pillars of our life’s bridge

Integrated with honesty it becomes a lifelong pledge

They appear In life and compassion that we share

Our patience and sacrifice for all we care

Our values are the mortars of our life’s foundation

Forever standing to the challenges coming from all directions

It gives us the courage to be strong

Put up a fight to choose right and do no wrong

In my inner core too my values dwell

My life is heading in the right direction, they are there to tell

I make my attempt to live by these in totality

For they resonate with me and make up my personality.

Aditi Mahajan

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