• Aditi

My companion, my soulmate

My mind fails me and my heart overpowers me

When your face I see as my first sight every morning

Because your aura around me makes me feel so safe and secure

Like a shield you protect me from all the troubles, I assure

You value my weaknesses and humbly accept my flaws

And make me believe fears can become my greatest strength

Your faith makes me feel that I can achieve what I dream

That it opens up untrodden paths which I can explore and win

I never had to change my heart or soul just to please you

You accepted me the way I am without a frenzy or a frown

Whenever I am in pain, you make me smile and show affection

Your mind too is in the state of unrest until you come up with a solution

You go out of your comfort zone to fulfil my smallest wish

Rarely I hear a no when you could have easily denied it

Never ever do you place your self before your family

How can anyone be so selfless and pure, can anyone tell me

I consider myself fortunate to have you as my soulmate

And cherish every moment with you with some sugar and spice

I don’t myself realize how valuable you are to me

But my life becomes lifeless if you are not there, my companion

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