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Forgive And Forget

Updated: Nov 20, 2020

Only when I see the world from her eyes

I realize that child is the greatest preacher of life

How to shake and jiggle all rules without any rumbles

And wiggle out easily out of all the bungles and fumbles

Is the knack she has learnt with practice I assume

And then not think about what has been done

As mom and dad will deal with all the repercussions

Such is the wish and faith all work would be done

Even if nobody ever lays hands on it as if forbidden

She lives life on one and only one assumption

That first comes food, movies ,fun and not education

She can jabber and chatter to great lengths

We can say it is one of her greatest strength

Never would you ever feel lonely in her company if present

So much she has to see ,learn ,think and write

She understands and promises to do everything right

Become a responsible and a grownup person that very point

But then her happy go lucky attitude overpowers all her introspection

As being gloomy and depressed in life is out of question

Farewell all the reasoning and lectures that seem so insignificant

May be she can amend it later, as of now let it lie latent

How her face stoops down when she gets chiding or scolding

Her teary eyes and innocent face make you feel so incriminating

That you are forced to feel ashamed of committing the greatest crime

You then realize that she is so precious and your world’s sunshine

The moment you feel sorry and show her love and affection

She springs up happy again with a loving smile to perfection

Ready to forgive and forget all the mistreatment and rejection

Her love for her family undoubtly never goes down

When you are sad she does everything to cheer you up

Her warm hugs make you forget troubles and pep you up

Her heart and soul is so innocent pure and refine

That it makes you wonder if all with us is well and fine

Wish we too could live in her carefree peaceful heaven

Where life is to be lived without any baggage and burden

Aditi Mahajan

Content Writer,

Poetess & Blogger


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