• Aditi

My Bright Sunlight

When ever anger and hatred over powers you

When ever enmity or envy takes control of you

When ever you rise not to love or be by anyone´s side

But to spill out your bitter stinging discontent

And to show the world your ire and resent

I will emerge like the morning sun to be by your side

To become a whirl that gusts and take inside

All that venom and gloom there is to caste away in its stride.

You can rely on me to the core upright

Your confidence in me needs to be firm and infinite

I can’t let you be alone in this vicious world so let’s unite

And let me become your guiding star shining bright

The ray of hope in the violent and stormy night

That can navigate you to the tranquil shore full of zest and light

When you rise again for the life that can be glorified I would recite

That you are all I have on this earth if you understand, my sunlight

Aditi Mahajan

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